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Project Summary

This project will collect aircraft-based measurements of methane around oil production facilities offshore NL to quantify and verify methane emission levels. The aircraft surveys will be performed across several days to assess temporal variability. Results will be compared to measured values of other offshore platforms that have been the focus of similar work (North Sea and Gulf of Mexico), and to Canadian onshore environments which are thought to have higher methane intensity. The study will provide recommendations for offshore operations and government regulations and policy regarding GHG emissions.


Project Final Report – Measuring Methane Emissions from NL’s Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms


Project Final Report – Flare Tip Monitoring – Feasibility Study and Project Proposal Sketch


Project Final Report – Summary Report


Project Final Report – Aircraft Based Methane Emission Measurements for the Oil & Gas Industry



Operational Optimization


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Fugitive Emissions


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Related Science Activity


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